General information

The referral - the insured person receives a referral for treatments, the costs of which are covered by the National Health Fund while the accommodation and meals should be arranged personally. The referrals for outpatient treatments are issued by an insurance doctor who will confirm the correct NFZ branch for the patient's region. Such a treatment can take anywhere from 6 to 18 days.

Insured patients will be provided with resort's outpatient:

  • Medical examination
  • Physical procedures
  • Not less than 3 physical treatments a day, for 6 days of treatments, focused on the disease that was the main cause of the referral of the insured patient. This also depends on the doctors recommendations. Including:
    • Essential stimulus treatment with the use of natural medicinal resources.
    • Additional physiotherapy.

Full price stays – on the principle of buying a medical visit in the Health Resort Clinic and treatments prescribed by a doctor. (PRICES)

Szczawnica Spa accepts outpatients in the Health Resort Clinic ( "Inhlatorium", Park Górny 2 Street).