Health Resort Clinic

The Health Resort Clinic is located, together with the Department of Natural Healing, in the "INHALATORIUM" building, Park Gorny 2. The Health Resort Clinic accepts patients free of charge or with additional costs.

Thanks to the advice of a medical specialist in a specific field: ENT, balneology or allergy , patients will be able to plan their treatments in the department so that they can make full use of the time spent in Szczawnica to improve the health and cure all ailments of respiratory and locomotor system.

Our guests and patients are under the special care of specialized medical personnel and the treatments that we use are based on mineral water and a unique microclimate.

We perform the treatments in the field of inhalation hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and kinesis.

Opening hours of the Department of Natural Medicine / Healing:
Monday - Saturday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Contact: +48 18 262 22 20

Opening Hours in the Health Resort Clinic:
Monday - Saturday hours 7:30 am – 2:00 pm

Laryngological Clinic

Basic disease which are treated:

  • Chronic, hypertrophic and atrophic inflammation of the throat and larynx
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Damage to the vocal apparatus (excessive exploitation)
  • Chronic inflammation of the ear drums

Balneological clinic

Determination of the balneological treatment program.
Basic diseases which are treated:

  • Chronic inflammation of the airways
  • Chronic pain syndrome of the spine and joints deriving from degenerative changes and rheumatic diseases

Allergy Clinic

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Prices for medical treatments at the Health Resort Clinic

1. Medical treatment advice 50,00 PLN
2. Control medical advice 50,00 PLN
3. Medical advice from an otolaryngologist 70,00 PLN
4. Medical advice on internal medicine 60,00 PLN
5. Medical advice from an allergist 100,00 PLN
6. Medical advice from an allergist with a spiromoetry test 130,00 PLN
7. Medical advice from an orthipaedist 60,00 PLN
8. Vein injections 12,00 PLN
9. Intramuscular injections 10,00 PLN
10. Underskin injections 10,00 PLN
11. Small dressing 4,00 PLN
12. Medium dressing 6,00 PLN
13. Large dressing 10,00 PLN
14. Caterisation of the ear drum 10,00 PLN
15. Blood pressure 5,00 PLN
16. ECG without description 12,00 PLN
17. Sinus rinsing with Pretza method (with drugs) 30,00 PLN
18. Spirometry with description 50,00 PLN
19. Spirometry without description 30,00 PLN
20. Spotlight Allergy skin tests with a set of food allergens 100,00 PLN
21. Spotlight Allergy skin tests with a set of inhalat allergens 100,00 PLN
22. Patch skin test 150,00 PLN
23. Allergy skin test with a single food or inhalant allergen 10,00 PLN
24 Injunction of the allegen vaccine 20,00 PLN
25. Nebulization 10,00 PLN
26. Blood sugar level test 10,00 PLN
27. Medical consultation before cryo minor surgery 15,00 PLN