List of sanatorium fees

The NFZ refunded stays - stationary treatment

a) partial payment for the cost of meals and accommodation in the health spas

11 March 2021. (Pos. 480)
amending the regulation on guaranteed benefits with a range of spa treatment

StandardsAccommodationI season
from 01 October
to 30 April
(in PLN)
II season
from 01 May
to 30 September
(in PLN)
I Single room ensuit 31,00 x 21 days 38,90 x 21 days
Single room in the studio 24,80 x 21 days 35,60 x 21 days
II Single room with shared bathroom 23,70 x 21 days 31,60 x 21 days
III Twin/Double room ensuit 18,60 x 21 days 26,00 x 21 days
Twin / Double room in studio 15,70 x 21 days 23,70 x 21 days
IV Twin/ Double room with shared bathroom 13,50 x 21 days 18,60 x 21 days
Dormitory room ensuite 11,90 x 21 days 14,10 x 21 days
Dormitory in studio 11,30 x 21 days 12,90 x 21 days
VI Dormitory with shared bathroom 10,10 x 21 days 11,30 x 21 days

Extra charges for the cost of food and accommodation are taken on the first day of the stay.

b) In accordance with the provisions of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees, patients residing within the stationary spa treatment at a health resort need to pay resort taxes. The rate, every time, is set by the City Council.

c) TV rental is a paid service, prices in accordance with the spa price list.